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Menu Recommendations

Here at Catered to You we enjoy customizing your entire experience, including your menu options. We consider the menu items below as recommendations because we are happy to make dishes that aren't listed below, make adjustments to any of the dishes and you can also mix and match from any of the menus. COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE!

Assorted Sandwich

The perfect solution for special events, parties, office meetings or working lunches, large or small. Enjoy a delicious lunch buffet or speak with us about individually packaged meals.

Design an elegant menu with our professional chefs to provide a delicious and upscale meal everyone will love. Plated and coursed service is available for intimate and large gatherings.

Beef Medallions
Pasta with wine

A handcrafted menu to bring the tastes of Italy to any event. 

An artfully crafted menu designed to bring the unique flavors of Mediterranean cuisine to everyone. 

Greek Food
Perfect Picnic


A gourmet menu packed with mouthwatering flavor and nostalgic taste. BBQ that will have everyone coming back for seconds.

An intentionally designed menu bringing the various flavors of Europe to all. 

Seafood Paella
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